Vision and Mission

John Sculley the high Tech businessman once said : “The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.” Our vision is to be number one trading company in the world and the Global most customer-centric company.

We hold the responsibility of enriching man’s life, developing the society, and satisfying all man’s needs in every walk of life through cultural exchange. We aim at interchanging cultures of and between all notions in order to create societies fully aware of each other’s civilizations and cultures, thereby exalting man’s life.

To achieve this goal, we focus on enriching global commercial exchange and international trade in general, and in particular the commercial exchange between China and the Arab world. Not only do we import goods from China to the Arab world but we import all aspects of the Chinese culture and civilization to the Arab countries as well in order to create globalized societies able to compete in all life fields, in particular the cultural and economic fields.

The fruit of this objective is meeting all man’s needs and requirements, thereby enriching man’s life and producing a fully fledged society aware of the cultures and civilizations of the other nations. Despite the recent slowdown in the global economy, Free Markets Group has had another year of steady performance. We achieved steady results thanks to our unique position in the trading world and our ability to offer our growing clients the choice of world-class services in all fields we are dealing in.