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We can meet our customers' special orders requests .. Fmellna has the potential to identify settings especially for products that will be imported .. and we'll we through your team the company adjusts all the special points of the amendments and complete with the factory and then send the models (samples) to the client to take approval and the beginning of industrialization among special orders could be limited to mention some Otmmnaha Orders which were mostly focused on: - Put the customer's own brand of products - Adjust the doors of private and chassis of different sizes and trusses - Cups and cups glass manufacturing certain sizes and vision

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Samples of our Special orders for Clients:


Free Markets always supports its customers with new and useful for the growth of their business .. and certainly Valtalabiyat own can add a lot of features and solving a lot of problems for our customers. In addition to develop a brand that manufactures customer’s identity on the products we also supply special products to our customers Bmozacefat so that pass for many their orders of stages since evaluating the order and pricing through the search for the best supplier, the highest quality to this order and then the beginning of sample production and then begin to prickly customer approval to send the requested shipment