We focus on enriching global commercial exchange in general and international trade between China and the Arab world in particular in a way that ensures building societies and satisfying the needs of the previously mentioned markets and countries. We aim at adding a touch to global trade, with man at our top priority, enhancing his capabilities, addressing his needs, and helping him in his endeavor to create his civilization. We believe that perfection is an unattainable goal, but we pledge to exert every possible effort to achieve success and approach perfection as much as possible. Information technology and software apps have been the key driver of growth over the last 10 year. Our customers are increasingly drawn to the experience of the mobile internet and related services. Thus, we develop our capabilities to develop web-based applications and corporate profiling staffs. Despite the recent slowdown in the global economy, Free Markets Group has had another year of steady performance. We achieved steady results thanks to our unique position in the trading world and our ability to offer our growing clients the choice of world-class services in all fields we are dealing in

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Achieving a quantum leap on trading exchange between China and the global markets, in particular the Arab world, by removing all obstacles in the way. Providing comprehensive and integrated services for businessmen who wish to build commercial relations with China with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency. Supporting international trade in the Arab world by increasing import rates from China. Participating in building the knowledge economy, of which information is the most valuable commodity in the society. Supporting economic development in small- and medium-sized enterprises. Supporting employment through affording new employment opportunities in service trade, for example, in which e-trade provides a mechanism for specialized individuals to offer their services online on the regional and international levels. Supporting the various technical sectors through creating a suitable environment that encourages the emergence of IT and communication sectors, with the aim of supporting the electronic infrastructure of e-trade applications. Opening up new tourism markets in China by promoting various types of tourism such as the commercial, therapeutic, and recreational tourism.