About us

About FMG

We believe in our ability and -even- responsibility of creating up human prosperity and smart lifestyle by all means necessary; global trading, information technology, or cultural integration and tourism, providing the key element of successful exchange by transporting, connecting and supporting.

Chief of Executive Officer

Free Markets Group is an international trading company located in Jeddah, KSA. Established in 1998, Free Markets Group has been a world leader in the field of international trade. Our reputation is based on a foundation of trust, integrity, and customer satisfaction. We are steeped in a culture where long-term relationships are held in the highest regard. Our trading experience gives us an enormous reservoir of expertise, relationships, and contacts. Besides, we understand customers’ needs and expectations with regards to timely deliveries and material quality. As specialists in China sourcing and trade consulting for the Chinese market, not only do we import from and export to the Chinese market all kinds of merchandise but also we facilitate trading partnerships between our customers in China and clients across the world, in particular the Arab markets. We can remove all obstacles in the way of such trade by providing effective solutions to all problems and meeting all businessmen’s needs, such as providing economic consultations, field studies, documentations, surveys, and real life facilitations. This is attributed to our mammoth assets of expertise, knowledge, contacts, and relationships and to the invaluable help of our specialized staff having more than twenty years of experience in trading with China.