New trade patterns as economic activity resumes in China

13 March 2021
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13 March 2021, Comments 0

After the success in controlling the Covid-19 epidemic, shops appeared in many Chinese cities that extended their working hours and open commercial areas, and the old streets and evening markets returned full of activity and activity. On the land of China, Chinese citizens experience various new business patterns safely and smoothly.

Marketing private hotels via Tik Tok

“Welcome, folks, I am Uncle Li, welcome to visit Fenghuang Ancient City with me on the net.” This was said by Mr. Li, the owner of a private hotel in Fenghuang Ancient City in the southwest of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture of Tujia and Miao Nationalities of Hunan Province. On May 1, 2019, he posted a short video clip about the sightseeing scenes in the city on the Dwayne platform (TikTok application), and he received six hundred likes from Dwin’s users, and he did not expect the short video to be a commercial advertisement for his own hotel. There are three members of one family who asked him about the hotel after watching the short video, and when they heard that the ancient city of Fenghuang was free of the epidemic, they drove to it.

Initially, Uncle Lee’s wife opened a private hotel in Fenghuang ancient city, and Uncle Li, born after the 1980s, returned to the old city to run the hotel after his wife gave birth to their child. After the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, Uncle Lee became distressed. As soon as he woke up every morning, he was surrounded by debts resulting from the annual rent of the hotel, the cost of waiving the right to manage the hotel, the cost of arranging hotel rooms, and the salaries of employees. Although the ancient city of Fenghuang is free of the epidemic, visitors from around the country cannot travel to it due to the spread of the epidemic, so his life will become more difficult. Fortunately, some visitors came after China had successfully controlled the epidemic since last March.

During the pandemic, Uncle Lee never stopped publishing new videos on the Dwin platform, telling various stories about the Old City in the video and leading viewers to visit it via short video clips. Many private hotel owners in Fenghuang Ancient City do the same. Since the resumption of business in March, the profit has almost covered the loss. In June, hotel and shop owners welcomed the loss-to-profit season.

Uncle Li said, “Even though the epidemic is currently under control in China, we still care about epidemic prevention. For example, we inform the guests about the conditions in which they can take off the mask, and the conditions that they must wear. We bring the guests through the Dwin platform, and check the health code for them, which is what It reassures the people of the Old City, and I always remind guests to maintain social distancing while visiting the Old City. ”

Evening market boom returns

On Baucheng Street, Wuhan City, an ancient evening market, the epidemic prevention measures are still strict. Every evening after six o’clock, Mr. Chen, one of the security men in the evening market, begins his work to conduct the inspection tour and maintain order in this market and urge the owners of the stalls to prevent the epidemic, wearing a red tape in his arm. “This evening market is big and closed suddenly due to the epidemic, for several months, and reopening it did not come easily! I have to maintain the evening market order, so that people can walk around in their comfort,” said Mr. Chen.

The evening market on Baucheng Street is crossed by many roads, and at the entrance to each of them is a billboard set up by the Market Administration Authority to remind visitors to the market to maintain social distancing, and it has a quick response code, which visitors can scan to register their names. And all stall owners must suspend the license of the stall and the result of a DNA test for checking for novel coronavirus infection to reassure customers. Since the city was closed before the Spring Festival 2020 holiday until now, the people of Wuhan have stayed at home for nearly half a year. Now, the evening market on Baucheng Street is back full of activity. “I want to exchange the cover of the mobile phone, although the cover price here is equal to its price on e-commerce sites, but I prefer to buy it in the market so that the owner of the staple helps me complete the coverage process,” said Chen Fan, a son of Wuhan, while accompanying his fiancée to tour the market. In this evening market, things that attract many customers, such as decorating nails. For girls in Wuhan, they must beautify themselves again after the epidemic in order to continue life and make it more beautiful. After decorating their nails at the evening market, many women have the additional process of carefully disinfecting them with an alcohol spray before leaving the nail polish mat.

Preparations before the epidemic ends

At the beginning of March 2020, when the epidemic prevention and control work was in full swing, the electric power sector in Nangguan Old Town of Chengding County in Hebei Province began construction work on electric power facilities, opening the “green channel” for electric power measures and transferring all benefits of reduction policies. And exempting electricity fees for electric energy users without delay. And taking advantage of the conditions of few visitors to the Old City during the outbreak of the epidemic, the electric power sector extended new electrical cable pipes in the south of the Old City.

Now, the evening market in Nanguan Old Town has been restarted. Ms. Liu Xiaoying, owner of a stall in the evening market, said that the county government has helped coordinate the arrangement of the venue, and its simple business has been booming since its opening, with more than a hundred deals a day at the beginning of June. And I found that more people are spreading their wares in this evening market. It would not have been possible for this market to expand to these vendors after it reopened without further building of electric power facilities during the epidemic.

As for the Fenghuang Provincial Government, it has turned the “tourist area closure period” for the prevention and control of the epidemic into the “golden period” to improve the environment of the tourist areas, as the Fenghuang Project Team of the Shuzhuang Company overcame a defective

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