Alaseel Plaza

Al Aseel Hotels group characterized by applying international standards for luxury hospitality in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al Aseel hotels are a great value combine many wonderful scenery, originality in design, and provide the right atmosphere appropriate for meditation , fun, and the performance of religious feelings.Hospitality from the heart. Unique experience contains a lot of special memories We seek to create memorable moments. Honestly Al-Aseel Hotels group Regrading as one of our biggest and Historical Clients, our cooperation with AlAseel was always a matter of devotion and satisfaction towards our clients, we've served and co-operate with this magnificent group in many services we Can list it as follows:

Hotel furniture:
We are exclusively providing all the furniture and wooden Materials for AlAseel Group, we are proud of of supplying
all Hotel furniture for the giant Hospitality group that includes about 53 branchs all over Saudi Arabia, especially in Mecca and Jeddah.