Targeting Egyptian Market

27 April 2012
27 April 2012, Comments 0
The Egyptian market is one of the most important markets in the Middle East and North Africa and is considered a hub. It also has strong growth opportunities which can help all companies to increase its activity in the Egyptian market, the more the growth opportunities in the market increase, the more this helps the import and export industry and its affiliates supply investments to the Egyptian market. Free Markets Group is taking a Decisions of targeting The Egyptian Market with different product lines belongs to Hotel Furniture, Hotel supplies, kitchens, Artificial Plants and Trees, gift Items, Electronics, home appliances. The company aims to increase its import activities of as well as the customer services offered in the Egyptian markets. We target annual growth rates in excess of 25% beginning in 2016. The most important aspect of the Free Markets group service is the Quality it provides, which is not available through any other competitor, as many of them are providing fast but not yet customer-driven services .The company existed for more than 12 years on the Chinese land to discover, provide and Help all Arab Customers get what they really want. offers more services on the Chinese markets than others, we hope to provide this kind of services to the Egyptian Markets.

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